Are you ready to fly but confused if aerosols can be taken in checked baggage? Travelers often wonder if they may bring their hairspray, sunscreen, mousse, and deodorant on a plane with them because of this. Can aerosols be brought in checked luggage? This page explains the rules on aerosol cans on planes checked baggage.

Under no circumstances can aerosols be brought into a plane

The Civil Aviation Authority has said that liquids in containers larger than 100ml (3oz) are not permitted in hand luggage on UK flights, unless purchased after passing through the security checkpoint. The same rules apply to aerosols. Before boarding your plane, you should purchase aerosols like deodorant or hair styling items from duty-free shops and keep them in your carry-on luggage until you are ready to take off.

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Aerosol canisters can be transported in checked baggage in accordance with these rules

Another option is to stow larger aerosols in your checked luggage if you are unable to bring them on board with you. All aerosols transported in checked baggage are subject to the following restrictions:

Individual containers cannot weigh more than 0.5kg/0.5L/1.110lbs, and the total weight of the containers cannot exceed 2kg/ 2L/ 4.40lbs (4 x 500ml maximum); they must be equipped with caps or other means to prevent accidental release, and they must be for personal use only (sporting or home use volumes).

Aerosol Transportation Regulations Exemptions

For aerosols with a total volume of more than 100ml (half-empty cans and sprays in larger containers are not authorised), you must place them in your checked baggage while travelling. A few exceptions to the rule, such as those listed below:

Higher quantities of breast milk and infant formula are authorised, but your child must travel with you; necessary drugs, including inhalers, are permitted in larger quantities if supporting documentation is provided; and

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Oxygen cylinders are crucial for your safety and well-being, even though you should always verify with the airline ahead to departure to ensure specific guidelines for compliance.

As a passenger who was denied boarding due to the presence of aerosols in his or her hold luggage, you may be entitled to reimbursement from the airline. Determine whether you are entitled to compensation from low-cost airlines and other air carriers in a matter of minutes.


You should check with your airline ahead of time if you have any questions about whether you can bring aerosols in checked luggage or carry-on luggage. The best course of action is to either leave the item behind or obtain the airline’s consent before passing through security, even if you’ve contacted your airline and are still unsure.