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Many people wonder: where would they stay in Puerto Rico? However, according to locals, there are some of the best places to stay in Puerto Rico. You can see the beauty of classic old San Juan and the most beautiful Vieques island in Puerto Rico. Plan your trip with the help of a local, from restaurant recommendations to safety tips, and so on. They are the only ones who can introduce you to the places in Puerto Rico that most tourists miss. One of the most beautiful places is the greater San Juan. It is safe, beautiful, vibrant, and one of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico. The neighbourhood of old San Juan, which is in the northmost corner of the city, is full of ancient forts, history, monuments, colourful historic houses, museums, and so on.

Old San Juan:

To Best holiday deals in Puerto Rico, visit the link referenced here. Take advantage of local knowledge as well. When it comes to the options or choices of the restaurants, the old San Juan can be a hit or a miss, as a plethora of stuff in this area is pitched at the tourists. But still, the locals say that it’s easy to find diamonds in the coal. Some locals recommend Punto de Vista, where you can eat good Puerto Rican food and watch the astral sunset from the restaurant’s rooftop. Then, near the northwest corner of Puerto Rico, there is Rincon, a top tourist spot for surfers. Some of the reasons why Rincon is so popular are because of the town’s two nicknames: El Pueblo de los Bellos Atardeceres, also known as the town of beauteous sunsets, and Pueblo del Surfing, also known as a surfing town.

Santurce and Rincon

The town of Rincon is an excellent place to stay. One of the places that bursts with culture and art is the neighbourhood of Santurce. It is outside Old San Juan. One of the coolest places is Santurce, as it has a live nightlife and worthy street murals, which makes Puerto Rico one of the best places to visit. And Santurce is one of the best places to stay. After the sun goes down, many people congregate at La Placita Santurce for cheap drinks, live music, and plenty of outdoor grooves. Locals also advise you to bring some cash with you in case you need to spend it.

Vieques Island Ferry Ride

Then, you can also think of getting a speedy ride from Puerto Rico by ferry to the unique island of Vieques. This is one of the best places to stay if you want to go spend some time with wild horses, do an exploration of the black sand beaches, and also enjoy the advantages of island life. Besides that, Vieques has some good options for hostels too. If you are looking for something luxurious and rich, then the locals recommend Hix Island House; you can check the image online. You can also get a meal in the Esperanza, according to the locals.

Ponce and Flamenco

Ponce is Puerto Rico’s 2nd largest city, and it is full of incredible things to do, which makes it a pretty astral place to stay. In Ponce, you can witness the amazing history, and you can also take a picture in front of the bright red Parque de Bombas, which is Ponce’s historic fire station. And, also, you can do some fun activities like sipping pina coladas along the boardwalk in La Guancha. Here you can avoid the crowds, and it is a great place to stay compared to San Juan. Puerto Rico’s Culebra is a great place to stay if you are looking for some beachy things. It is home to Playa Flamenco, also known as Flamenco Beach. Flamenco Beach is popular for its turquoise waters and white sands. The best location for sunbathing. Check out more about Puerto Rico in the linked article mentioned above.

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