More than 20,000 travel agents work together to form the Virtuoso network of luxury travel agencies. More perks may be available to you at no extra cost when you book your stay at one of the more than 1,500 luxury hotels located around the world by the assistance of a Virtuoso travel advisor.

The basic premise is that hotels use various methods to sell rooms, and one strategy is to offer special perks to the clients of selected travel agents in the hopes that these agents will recommend the hotel to their clients.

An outline of Virtuoso’s core benefits for five-star lodgings

The foregoing probably sounds good, but how does it work in practise? Any deal that promises significant value to the recipient at no cost is likely to be a scam. With that out of the way, we can dive deeper into the inner workings of Virtuoso.

Where can you find a list of the participating hotels in the Virtuoso programme?

The Virtuoso hotel network includes more than 1,500 properties. Some of the most well-known hotel brands in the world have properties here, while others, like Aman, Park Hyatt, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La, Rosewood, and others, are independently owned five-star hotels you may not be familiar with. Some hotels that are part of the Virtuoso network charge less than $200 per night, while others charge over $2,000.

When staying at a Virtuoso hotel, is it necessary to be a member of the organisation?

There is no membership requirement for typical customers to book a room at a Virtuoso hotel. Travel agencies as well as hotels must be members of Virtuoso in order to participate, but guests are not required to join the organisation.

Can you expect to pay more when working with a Virtuoso travel agent?

Many Virtuoso agents do not charge any sort of fees for planning or booking travel because they receive a commission from hotels on bookings they happen to make (and to reiterate, you are not paying extra, so they are just getting a commission on the standard rate). Of course, that isn’t always the case:

For bookings made with specific Virtuoso travel advisors, a minimum booking amount is in effect

Some Virtuoso travel advisors may ask for an additional fee for their services, but this is typically reserved for more elaborate itineraries or trips where the client wants special attention (for example, if you want help with transfers, activities, etc.)

Can Virtuoso travel advisors help with anything else?

In addition to helping clients find suitable hotels, many Virtuoso travel advisors can also assist with the arrangement of excursions, such as sightseeing cruises and sightseeing tours. There are Virtuoso travel advisors whose sole interest is booking hotels, and others who may also arrange tours, book cruises, or focus on a specific destination or activity.