Gatorland is situated on 110-acre or 45-hectare land. It is a Florida wildlife preserve and amusement park located on the Blossom Trail of South Orlando. Owen Godwin founded it 72 years ago in 1949 on former cow land, and his family still owns it.

Gatorland dubbed the “Alligator Capital of the World,” is home to many different alligators, crocodiles, and other creatures, including unique leucistic creatures or alligators. A marsh breeding area with an observation tower and a boardwalk, zip lines, a ridable miniature railroad, an off-road swamp vehicle tour, alligator feeding and wrestling performances, a petting zoo, educational programmes and an aviary are among the park’s attractions. The park’s marsh breeding area was used in filming the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones in 1984. You can also explore and have great food in the best Hollywood Studios restaurant to make the most of the experience.

The park is well-known for rescuing and purchasing nuisance alligators from hunters who would otherwise be slaughtered for their skin and meat. Gatorland also oversees the famous Gaylord Palms resort situated in Kissimmee.

Gator Express

The Gatorland Express, previously known as the Ol’ Iron Horse Express, is a thin gauge railroad of 2 ft. inside the park that was built in 1961 by the Allan Herschell Company. The Gatorland Park Express, according to the park, was the best amusement ride in Central Florida. In 2000, the best locomotive was withdrawn and displayed, while a new locomotive constructed by Custom Locomotive of Chicago was bought and put into work the several years.

The new locomotive is the same model as the one utilised at Kissimmee’s former Green Meadows Petting Farm. The railroad requires an additional cost to ride, and it was Gatorland’s only non-animal-related attraction until the zip line opened in 2011.

Gator Spot

On May 11, 2015, Gatorland debuted Gator Spot at Fun Spot America Theme Parks’ Orlando park in the International Drive tourist district. Visitors may hold, photograph, and feed alligators at the $1 million attraction. A leucistic alligator named Bouya, a white gator with blue eyes, is a major attraction.

Zip Line Ride

Gatorland introduced a zip line in the summer of 2011 that runs through an alligator pool and several of the park’s other activities. The coaster is around 1,200 feet long (370 metres) and several floors tall. It is suitable for 37 inches (94 cm) or taller riders. Gatorland made the zip line wheelchair accessible in January 2016.

White Gator Swamp

The White Gator Swamp is a famous indoor area. There is a museum vibe where visitors may watch albino gators through a glass wall on the other side. There are signs in this fenced area that provide information on these gators, such as the white colour origin, how they vary from the rest gators, and when they were originally discovered.

Thousands of alligators and crocodiles live in Gatorland. A few Gatorland citizens have made cameos in films, television shows, and commercials. The park, which opened in 1949, has a petting zoo, bird sanctuary, mini-water park, eco-tour, and outdoor entertainment, such as alligator wrestling, on a daily basis. Therefore, Orlando is the top tourist attraction.

The best time to visit the park is during the morning time. You can visit there any time of the year but make sure to do it in the morning to avoid the rush and long queues. Although it may seem boring after exploring everything in the park, make sure to check out the history as well as the mission of Gatorland. It has cool and impressive conservation efforts, making it a more fascinating place to explore.

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